New paper on light-growth dynamics of tree seedlings

Dear all,

I’m glad to announce we published a new paper titled “Light-growth responses of Sitka spruce, Douglas fir and western hemlock regeneration under continuous cover forestry” on Forest Ecology and Management. We developed predictive models for height and diameter growth that will allow accurate modelling of the study species in continuous cover forestry management.

The highlights of the study were:

  • Understanding the light response of natural regeneration is essential for continuous cover forestry.
  • Modelling light-growth requires species-specific non-linear functions.
  • Tree size and intra-regeneration competition can affect the growth rate and the asymptotic growth.
  • An increasing shade tolerance ranking was identified as Douglas fir ≤ Sitka spruce < western hemlock.
  • An apical dominance ratio of 1.5 is an indication of Sitka spruce seedlings with adequate growth.

Please follow this link to be able to download the study: (note the link will be valid until the 12th June 2018)



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