Crowd-sourced data collection of forest regeneration growth

Welcome to a citizen-scientist forestry project!

WHY? Natural regeneration is becoming increasingly important in the UK forests for Continuous Cover Forestry approaches. I am preparing a model simulating the growth of regeneration under canopy cover as function of the light availability. I need data from all over the UK, and you can help me to expand the research range using your smartphone. Become a citizen scientist and participate in a crowd-sourced research!

WHERE? Wherever you can find a Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) or Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) seedling growing under canopy cover.

HOW? It is very simple: 1) shoot a picture above the seedling with a fish-eye equipped smartphone; 2) take few and very simple measurements of the plant; 3) upload your data to a webserver thanks to the free app Open Data Kit. All the instructions are provided in the Crowd-sourcing project protocol. Additional tips are displayed in the Fieldwork visual guide. (Please note: Open Data Kit available only for Android devices, iOS users need different arrangements)

WHEN? Right now! Please send me an email and you will receive a free fish-eye lens for smartphone/tablet and the simple instructions. (Please note that if you are carrying work under broadleaves, they need to have all the leaves on! Usually the best time for canopy analysis in those forests is mid-summer)

WHAT’S NEXT? The model will be useful to everyone interested in Continuous Cover Forestry. When the results will be published, also the dataset will be openly released for everyone to make further use of it.

Please join! Your contribution will help managing successfully the UK forests!