Fieldwork guide

Remember to download the full instructions: Crowd-sourcing project protocol. The followings are additional examples on how to take hemispherical pictures and measure the seedlings.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are carrying work under deciduous trees, they need to have all the leaves (or needles) on!

PLEASE NOTE: If the canopy near the seedling has been affected in the last 12 months by a thinning operation or a wind-thrown or other similar events, it is better to avoid taking a sample. That is because the seedling has maybe grown under a different light regime than the one that is being captured by the photograph.


Please consider that is difficult to take always good photos in a forest with such small lenses! As long as your images have an average quality, please upload the data. Don’t get discouraged! Control the following examples to avoid some common errors.

  • This is image can be still used, but the quality is low due to the bright trees on the left side. The image processing may confuse them for open sky.


  • During a sunny day, you may wait until passing clouds are covering the sun (as in the picture below). Or alternatively you can take pictures just after sunrise or before sunset, when the sun is low on the horizon.

57_2015-06-09 11.59.10

  • Next picture does not have a great quality. The contrast is not even (too bright on the left side) and the image is too blurred on the right side (consider that the fish-eye lens tend to blur always to a certain degree the edge of these photos, so do not worry too much about it).

55_2015-06-08 14.39.28

  • The following are good quality photos: good and homogeneous contrast, not too much out of focus on the edges.

Example 2

Example 1



  • Total height of the seedling (as marked on the white measuring stick on the right) and leader length (indicated by the left arrow). Note that the picture has been taken during winter, therefore the seedling has already completed the growth. Leader length and total height must be then measured from the top.


  • Careful! Here in Wales some seedlings are already flushing. If you take the measurements when the new leader is developing, exclude it BOTH for the leader length measurement AND the total height.