The tree dome

Hello everyone. After a nice Christmas break, I eventually started some action! Together with Gruffud, another forestry student from Bangor University, we are surveying some plots around Clocaenog forest, one of the few sites where CCF is being tested in the UK (read more on: The forest comprises many Sitka spruce stands where different intensity of thinning and various types of shelterwood are being implemented, all focused to obtain the best natural regeneration. The Natural Resources Wales staff managing the site is very keen to help research activities. Thanks!

Gruff is particularly interested in studying the relationship between light regime and regeneration undercover, so we are taking some hemispherical pictures in each plot. We will later investigate the correlations (if any!) between stand characteristics, canopy transmittance and regeneration characteristics.

© Gruffudd Rhys-Sambrook

© Gruffudd Rhys-Sambrook

We’ll keep you updated!!


Hello, Wales

Croeso, if you are a welsh-speaker, or welcome, for everybody else! My name is Simone, a newly enrolled PhD student in Forestry at Bangor University, Wales, UK. My research is focusing on forest regeneration modelling as you can read in this other page with more details. I will use this blog to talk about it, post preliminary results, and ask for help! I hope more people out there will found it interesting or useful. From my part, I am keen to be part of the wider research community and this blog is just one step towards it.

For now, few research-related results. Let’s say that I just started to understand the lay of the land and explore the beautiful surroundings.

Mount Snowdon

On top of Mount Snowdon